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We all need the ongoing connection with others dedicated to living out the values of a growing relationship with our God-given partner in marriage and our families.

For ongoing encouragement for our journey, we have community events that consist of “Stepping Stones” Renewal Groups, Large Community Gatherings, Family Activities and Day Experiences.

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The DMR community consists of and is open to all couples that want to renew and revitalize their marriage on an ongoing basis. The one thing we will all have in common is our desire to work on our marriages and give them the attention needed to live out the oneness God called us to on our wedding day.

Get Involved in DMR Community Events

DMR Weekend Follow-up Pot Luck Renewal

One or two weeks after your Diocesan Marriage Renewal Weekend, there is a “Pot Luck Renewal” gathering for all the couples to get back together. It is a great opportunity to spend time with the couples from your weekend.

DMR Weekend Follow-up Stepping Stones Renewal Group

All couples are invited to learn How to Live the Weekend/Day Experience Concepts. By being involved in the “Renewal Groups” you will be involved with others that are on the journey of creating counter-cultural example to reclaim the sanctity of marriage and christian family values. This will be your “Stepping Stones” for living! What better way to remind you of your weekend commitment to one another and to come to a safe haven away from the day to day grind that can eat away at the closeness you gained on the Diocesan Marriage Renewal Weekend.