About the DMR Weekend Experience

On the Diocesan Marriage Renewal Weekend you will find a relaxing atmosphere to work on renewing and revitalizing your marriage.

A Marriage Renewal Weekend is designed for couples who have good marriages not perfect ones and who yearn to work to enhance their marriage.

The Diocesan Marriage Renewal weekend is private, between husband and wife. And all faith expressions are welcomed.

There are short crisp presentations to give you concepts that will form stepping stones for your marriage and exercises to give you, as a couple, time to experience one another in a new and dynamic way.

DMR began and was sanctioned by Bishop Victor Galeone in December 2001
Diocesan Marriage Renewal is a ministry serving the Family Life Office of the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida. This ministry began and was sanctioned by Bishop Victor Galeone in December 2001.
You will get away from your cares, work, family, long hours, and juggled schedules that get in the way of your time to be a couple. You will have time to get back in touch with one another and discover the beauty that lies within each of you and your relationship. Your love will become vibrant and your communications fine tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marywood Retreat and Conference Center

Marywood Retreat and Conference Center

The weekend experience is held in the beautiful setting of Marywood Retreat Center located on State Road 13 in Switzerland, Florida. It is a retreat facility with private bedrooms and baths. Sheets and towels provided but you may want to bring your own pillow for sleeping comfort.

You should eat before arriving on Friday night. Three meals are provided on Saturday, breakfast and lunch are provided on Sunday. There is a snack table available throughout the weekend so we ask each couple please bring a non-perishable snack for the table.
The weekend begins on Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. with check-in. You are asked to come to the conference room by 8:00 p.m. to begin the weekend. The weekend should be over at approximately 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. Sunday evening.
Your pre-weekend letter will have a specific phone number so you can be reached in case of emergency.
Dress is casual and comfortable. It is recommended that you bring a sweater for the conference room as it can get chilly.
The weekend is Catholic in expression but all faiths are welcome and will feel right at home, because we are about renewing and revitalizing marriages.
There is a $35.00 registration fee to reserve a place on the weekend and a donation will be asked on the weekend to cover the expense of putting a couple through the weekend.

DMR Day Experience

About the DMR Day Experience
These experiences are available to be held in parishes and churches throughout the Diocese of St. Augustine. If the priest in your parish is interested in this, please contact us, we will meet with him and plan one for your parish. They are a mini version of the weekend for those that are unable to get away for a weekend. The follow-up sessions will be an opportunity for couples making this day experience to come to understand the concepts and live them out in their lives. It is also an opportunity to get together with others that have the same values.

DMR Day Experience Schedule
The Day Experience will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. Couples attending them in a Catholic Parish will be invited to attend the Saturday afternoon Mass to finish the day.