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Do Something Great For Your Marriage…
Diocesan Marriage Renewal

The Sacrament of Matrimony calls a man and a woman to become one. Oneness in marriage is not accomplished by merely wishing for it. It does not happen overnight — nor even in the first twenty-five years.

Becoming one in mind, heart and spirit is a lifelong journey in faith and love.

Are you looking for a special weekend together?
A time to relax, dream dreams, and fall in love again?
A time to set aside the cares of work, family, long hours and juggled schedules?
A time to get back in touch with each other?

Marriage RenewalWe ask you then to experience the extraordinary beauty a Marriage Renewal Weekend can bring to your relationship.

Diocesan Marriage Renewal
is the answer.

A Marriage Renewal Weekend is designed for couples who have good marriages not perfect ones and who yearn to work to enhance their marriage.

The Diocesan Marriage Renewal weekend is private, between husband and wife. And all faith expressions are welcomed.

Diocesan Marriage Renewal Couples